This blog has been created to entertain the reader with topics that are presented every day of the week each (except from Sunday). The Six Choices are the six different topics that I will write about:

Monday: Something inspiring to start the week with. It can be a picture, a phrase or something that makes me feel positive and happy.

Tuesday: I want to wear it!. I will show you a cloth or accesory that I like.

Wednesday: Feel irresistible. I will show you a beauty or cosmetic product that I like.

Thursday: The perfect shop. I will present a different shop weekly that I like.

Friday: Copy the look. I will show you a complete outfit so you can include on your every day style.

Saturday: Looking for paradise. On saturdays I will show you a place in the world that is worth visiting.

I hope you like my blog and you find it entertaining. I’m opened to receive comments and suggestions! You can also use the following email address: sixdaysblog@hotmail.com.

My name is Amaia.

Welcome to the Six Days Choice!



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