Black leather jacket

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. The thing is I’m quite busy at the moment and I have decided to write only 3 posts for week. I will mantain the same six choices at the same six days, but I will write about each topic only every two weeks. I hope this is ok with you and that you find enough interesting information! You can leave you comments anyway.

Today’s choice is about a cloth that I want to wear and it is the black leather jacket. This is a legendary cloth that everyone has wear it once in his life but that it’s in style once again.
I’ve been looking for my favourite jacket in different online shops and these are the kind of model I like most. They are not real leather, but this means less money and possibility to have them in different colors… However, if you are very fond of these kind of biker jackets, you should invest in a real one, because the difference is considerable.

This is from Mango.

This is from Mango.

This is from Zara.

This is from Zara.



I would like to buy one of these for the spring, most probably the one from Zara with the quilted diamond. Combined with a white t-shirt, leggings, colored flats and red lips you will obtain a very rocker look.

Have a good day!


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