DIY Make-up brushes jar

Good morning, how did the weekend go?
For this Monday, we have a DIY or a handicraft that I’m sure you will love as much as I did. This is perfect for keeping organized our make-up brushes and it will decorate our bathroom at the same time.

It is very easy to make. You can use any clear glass jar. You will also need an all-in-one glue like Mod Podge, a regular glitter bottle, a wooden mixing stick or something to help mix the glue and glitter and the black ribbon to decorate the jar as in the picture.
Once we have everything ready, we pour a bunch of Mod Podge in our jar (about an inch deep if you are using a large jar). Now pour your glitter in. The more glitter the more vibrant. Mix your glitter and glue together. Make sure it’s all combined. Now use your hand to tilt the jar every which way until the glitter glue covers the entire jar. Make sure not to use a spatula or anything to scrape the sides because it will leave streaks. You need a good thick coating so just do as told and slide the glue around by tilting the jar only.
Finally, place the jar on a paper plate so any excess glue pours out. After the excess drips out (about an hour) Flip the jar over and let it dry. Depending on how warm your house is this could take 24-48 hours. We can finally use the black ribbon to decorate the jar on the outside.
The result is so beautiful! You can use it for many other things apart from brushes, like for example pencils, flowers, etc.
Do you like it?


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