Gisela intimates e-shop

Today I’m showing you this lingerie online shop where you will find sexy and pretty underwear as well as cosy and cute pajamas.
There are different collections called Suite, Play and Basics depending on the type of lingerie y prefer. Suite is the most sexy collection with beautiful laces and ribbons. Play is the most colour and youthful collection with dotted, striped and flowered fabrics. And finally, Basics’ collection has many types of bras and panties with different cuts that you can combine in your daily routine.


One of the best part of this shopping experience is the moment you receive the lingerie at home.
You will see how beautifully packed will you receive everything… It seems you are opening cake boxes. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Gisela intimates e-shop

  1. Hello, I’ve just come across this page because I myself have found Gisela lingerie, but I’m having difficulty with how to order from the website because at the moment it’s only showing me pictures and I can’t click to order or anything

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