Ghd Metallic Gold

One of the essential tools to Feel Irresistible is the GHD styler ( It’s not a simple hair straightener, it’s the best tool to make your hair look like you just have get out of the hairdresser.


Katy Perry for Ghd

Katy Perry for Ghd

There are different sizes: small, medium or large, depending on how long you have the hair or which hairstyle you prefer. I have the medium size because I think it’s the most useful one in case you change your hair length and you can also make beautiful waves with it.
It may be a little expensive for many people, but if you are going to use it usually you will see how soon you get your money’s worth, and besides it lasts many years so you will have it for a long time with you.
Here you have a video where it shows how to make light waves in a mid-length hair.


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