A toast for the New Year: Gin & Tonic

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and I’m sure you all have some plan to enjoy this special night. Some of you will be sharing this evening with family, others with friends, at home or at a trendy night club, it doesn’t matter if you all are having a good time.

For today I have prepared the following post about a drink that I have discovered recently in its most variated forms. I didn’t imagine there were so many ways to have a good gin & tonic.



I don’t drink too often but I actually like to taste one of these tasty and refreshing gin & tonic after a good dinner. I like Hendrick’s and G’vine gins, with cucumber the first one and with purple grapes the second, and mixed with Fever Tree tonic. It might sound a little posh but if you taste one of these you will find the difference. There is nothing wrong in enjoying this kind of delight from time to time!

Have a great night and Cheers!


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