Wednesday: Feel Irresistible

Hi! We are in the middle of the work-week so let’s introduce to you this week’s Feel Irresistible product!

This pack of products from Too Faced make-up (, was another present I had for my birthday, and let me tell you that I love the quality and look of all the products that it contains!

You will find a gorgeous make-up bag in light blue velvet, that you can carry with you when you are travelling or just for keeping your make-up products well organized. You will also find a lovely pink blusher brush, a black mascara that let me tell you works incredibly well, a black eyeliner, a face primer, eye primer for lasting the shadows longer and finally, a beautifully presented box with six different shadows, two blushes and two lip gloss to make two looks, one for day and one for night.

Well, let’s practice then for the weekend so we can Feel Irresistible!!!


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